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My name is Gina, I live in  USA since ?????????? I was born in Cyprus . My parents are from Cyprus. I have my own business here in  ??????? but at the same time I ma closely working with the most eminent Introductions ( Dating) service operating in Cyprus and M. East. MFB Introduction is registered officially with the Registrar of companies in the Government of Cyprus, and renders its service to Cypriots in Cyprus to Emigrants Cypriots, to English and other Europeans who live permanently in Cyprus.

MFB Introductions render it services only to people who are interested in a serious relationship in view to marriage, or live together.

Every body knows that it its easy to day to meet people of the opposite sex for short relationship, for enjoyment  for sex. But when it comes to a  serious relationship  in view to marriage or live together things are difficult. You need information., you do not want to loose your time meeting people that they my not be interested seriously or they may not be free. You are at a stop. You find out that your choices are just TWO:


you try there out where you will meet a lot, but with  great risk to fail and add one more year to your age. You do not want to be HURT again


Join in our services. None of the above will happen to you. You will have the chance to meet quality people, and people who genuinely singes and the want to start or restart their lives. Our clients are scrutinized. We know everything and we confirm all the information given true and correct. You will never be involved in and unpleasant situation. Whether you live in Cyprus or in America our service is very personal. There is a package for every one. Either you want to meet a Cypriot, or Greek, or a Russian beauty, I am here to help you get the right package for you so  you can have success meeting the right person.

You can speak to me over the telephone:


F. 1-866-611-5513

You can email me:


To be able to help you initially giving you correct information and advices,  it will be very helpful if you submit this FORM

You contact with me by telephone or my submitting this for is not binding none of us

If you require  additional information or if you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact me anytime


Love Gina




F. 1-866-611-5513




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