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Stop your divorce. Save your lovers rejections.

The last 26 yrs I have spoken and solved the problems of more than 800 couples, & problems of more that 450 singles of both sexes  What were the problems? Financial problems, Sexual problems, Love problems, jealousy, Love, Family problems, Health problems and many others.

My contacts with all these people, helped me learn how to handle each problem, and what can be the  most successful in your own case

I  will go step by step with you and tell you what to do and how to reach success.

 The first thing we do is, sit together analyze your problem, find what caused the problem. We must decide what is the best solution and work on it to reach successfully the goals set

What is the procedure?

A first meeting is arranged so we can listen to the story/problem. This may take from 30 min to may be 2hours.

After I know the problem, it maybe an easy problem to be solved and we will give you right away the necessary advices and guidance what to do to solve the problems without any further charges.


This first meeting is charged with 50.00. Later we will give you the estimate for the whole costs until your problem is solved to your full satisfaction. If you accept to proceed, the amount of 50.00 paid for the first meeting is credited to the whole account

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