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For Husbands only:

!. Are you romantic as you were in your honeymoon?

2.Do you get along amicably with in-laws?:

3. Are you sympathetic to your wife's household problems?:

4. Do you put your family needs first in budgeting money?

5. Do you believe women are too domineering?

6. Do you surprise your wife with occasional gifts?

7. Do you put your work or career ahead of your family?

8. If your wife wanted to work, even though it might not be financially necessary, would you agree?:

9. Should as husband and wife take separate holidays?

10. Do you make the major decisions in your family:

11. Are you and your wife sexually compatible?:

12. Would you resent it if your wife had friends and interests outside the home?:

13. do you and your wife agree on how to raise the children?:

14. Is planning for the future a family project?

15. Does your wife strive to keep herself attractive as she was when you were first married?

16. Does your wife show an interest in your work?

17. Does your wife greet you with a rectal of household problems as soon as you come home?

18. Does your wife try to run the house as economically as possible?

19. Do you feel the children take first place in your wife's affections?

20. Does your family take time to renew its spiritual faith?

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