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How to Be Married and Enjoy It

(From Positive Thinking)

Do you want a successful and happy marriage? Of course, everyone does.   I have always liked that phrase. "How to be married and enjoy it" this is a vitally important factor in successful living.  When people know how to enjoy such close relationship it means that they have healthy, creative marriage in which both partners are encouraged, helped, built up. Each bolsters the other. It is a relationship in which the children know genuine  warmth  and affection.  it produces a home that radiates happiness and emanates well-being.

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In the meantime you can try the test below::

  Test for husbands only    Test for wives only  How popular are you?

Maturity score for both. Test can be for  Husband & Wife :

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1. Do you lose your temper, stamp your feet, throw or kick things?

2. Do you always give the other person equal consideration with yourself?

3. Do your criticize  your wife or husband in the presence of other people?

4. Are you insistent upon always having your own way, and sulk if you don't get it?

5.Are you chronic worrier?

6.Do you put your trust in god and then just do your best?

7. Do you accept the ups an downs, and things that are inevitable, with serenity of spirit?

8. Do you have a positive conviction that you can meet and solve your problems?

This test will indicate if you are a mature personality, or will indicate immaturity.

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