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If you are a Cypriot and you live in UK or anywhere in the world, this service will reconnect you with Cyprus and its people. Even you may meet Cypriots who live near you, in the  country you live now, and you are not aware of their existence.

Cyprus  now is Europe. Thousands from European countries, but mainly from England have moved and live permanently in Cyprus. The sun, the blue  sea, the wine,  but more, the hospitality of Cypriots, are much appreciated by the majority of the European Cypriot residents.

 Due to the fact that our fees are different from country to country, and the services required is completely different from person to person, to find out the fees for you,  please submit on line this  form    As soon as we receive it, we will send you our estimate. This is without any obligation on your behalf.

Warm request: If your intentions are not serious, please do not proceed. You will loose your time, our time and your money.

You are assured of total confidentiality. The information given in the form to be submitted, is for our own use and those are not revealed to others. In case of registration, the submitted form will be enclosed in your personal file. If you are really FREE , and you are interested in a serious relationship, join this service.

Complete the form on line and submit it. We will contact you a.s.a.p.

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