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Wealthy, Rich Affluent & Successful:

You are wealthy, rich and successful. You make over 100 thousand + a year or have a net worth of over 1 million. You may have worked hard to be where you are today - wealthy, successful and single. You are looking to meet someone who may not have wealth, but have a lot to offer - youth, beauty and personality.



Attractive, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy

You are classy, attractive, and tired of dating the ordinary. You may be young and beautiful, wanting a better life, and looking to date a millionaire. What do you have to loose? Try it. Now you have a special price to join



 A Trusted Resource

We understand that our clients need privacy as well as a secure dating environment to meet each other. As such, we maintain and uphold a strict privacy policy. To further protect our clients profiles and photographs submitted to our website are screened for relevancy. We encourage members to post their photographs, but we also make provision for those who may need to remain anonymous.

To further protect your privacy, when registering on line,  your credit card statement will never show the full name of this website. We will never never share your profile or information with anyone else. We are committed to being the most trusted resource  for the rich, the Millionaires and the beautiful.


Why We Are The Best

 We are a Cyprus based Introduction Company operating since 1986.  Since then, we have helped several thousands of our clients to find their ideal relationship.

The Rich & Millionaires Department will be emphasizing on the qualities of WEALTH and BEAUTY.

If you are just ordinary you can use our main Introductions Department, it will work better for you. But if you are WEALTHY, ATTRACTIVE & BEAUTIFUL, and you value these same qualities in your partner, then this department is the premier place where you can reach your goals


It's Natural

Some people may think it is superficial to focus only on WEALTH and BEAUTY when finding a mate. But let's face it... it's only human nature to be attracted to these two important qualities.
WEALTH - As the saying goes "Money Makes the World Go Around". Some of us work very hard to make money in order to survive. It is not hard for us to see that those who are wealthy also hold power, command respect and enjoy a lifestyle of constant pampering.  We believe wealth is a very important quality in selecting a significant other. Over 50% of all marriages end in divorce because of money or the lack thereof. Love and financial stability are both very important foundations of a lasting relationship. So as they say, why have love only, when you can have love and wealth?


BEAUTY - Beauty is a quality that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, affirmation, meaning, or goodness. A beautiful person is one who invokes powerful feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. It is not surprising that all of us dream of being with a model, beauty queen or a Hollywood actor. Our website is also designed to cater to beautiful people, with the main goal of match-making those with beauty with those with wealth.



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