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Welcome to MFB Introductions

It is easy to day to meet people of the opposite sex for enjoyment, and short  relationships; but when it comes for a serious relationship in view to marriage or live together, things are getting difficult... More difficult than you can imagine.  You need information, you do not want to loose your time meeting with people that they may not be interested seriously, or they may not be free. You do not want to be hurt again.

You are at a stop.. You have only


Either you dare try out there again, where there are a lot, with high risk to add one more year to your age for nothing,  and be hurt again.


Place this personal and so important matter in the hands of an expert team.  Such a team will give you the chance to meet  people who are alone, and are ready start a new  serious relationship.

 You will receive confirmed information and you will have to decide the persons to meet.  Not anyone else.


You will  meet quality people, you will not loose your time and you will never be hurt again.

Later when you decide to start the period of acquaintance, we will support you and help you take the best decisions. We will teach you how to take control of your life


This is a very personal Service  rendered by a team of people with 31 years of experience on these matters


MFB introductions (1986)  is a personal introductions company, and is  the only one that takes the care to interview each prospective client  before they join.

With over twenty six years of proven experience, we never lose the personal touch. Hand-selected matching is just one of the choices we offer to you our valued clientele.  Whatever the level of membership you choose, you can be assured we will do everything within our power to offer you our high standard of service and hope that you will eventually find  your perfect match.

Confidentiality and Code of Practice:

We operate a strict code of practice in respect of our clients’ personal details.  Be assured that we pride ourselves on our totally confidential service at all times and will only pass your details to another member with your express agreement.

We undertake that clients’ personal details will never be divulged without  the client’s specific permission.

We will make every effort to ensure that only suitable members are introduced to each other.

We accept at  our  discretiononly members  we  deem suitable, and reserve the right to withdraw membership from anyone who knowingly provides inaccurate or false information.

We respectfully inform all clients that whilst   we work very hard to achieve success on their behalf, we cannot guarantee the period required to find success.  We have to do with human beings and we respect their likes an dislikes.  We do however promise to undertake our best endeavours in all cases.  Your success is our success. The interests are mutual

The Way We Work:

We are committed to finding the dating solution that truly meet your needs. Our adept and specially trained client advisers will ensure that anyone you may be introduced to, is of the high standard you would justifiably expect. Our experts are committed to supply you with confirmed information on every person selected for you to meet, and are always at your disposal to help / advise you, get the best decision. Our goal is to provide you with high quality service and help you meet quality people. Professional guidance will be provided by our group of experts to assist you to enhance and project your personal qualities, capabilities and attributes so as to maximize your ability to successfully achieve your objectives in seeking and forming a desired relationship. This coordinated and directed approach is also designed to help you develop techniques for more effective handling of social situations, individuals and relationships.

We are  open to  membership of varying languages and cultures.  Currently, our main areas of clientele are Greek, Russian and British ex-pats who reside in Cyprus.  For your registration, one of our dedicated well trained consultants will meet you at your home or in any other place convenient to you. This gives you the opportunity to talk in relaxed surroundings about the sort of person you would like to meet and the issues that are important to you.  Meeting  you at your home, is helpful to building up a true and representative picture. If you do not live in Cyprus please click HERE

As a visitor of this website you can visit  Ladies and Gentlemen's personal ads. Some of them they have available for you to see  their photos, but you cannot visit  their profile pages, without special permission. Permission is given only to clients who have joined. Photos available for viewing are only published by client's request/permission.


At the top of this page you can find the links to visit all our departments. Please do so. You will find answers to all your questions, but in case your require additional information or you have specific questions, do not hesitate

Contact any of our consultants below, or call 70005150 or 99 314108 


Main packages are:   

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