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              ACCOUNT CLOSED ID.619 Single male 26 yrs old, Higher education, very good family, Government employee, excellent financially, very high salary. Seeks young lady 18-25 yrs old Email:  CLOSED


               ACCOUNT CLOSED ID618  Single male 39 yrs old,    CLOSED


              ACCOUNT CLOSED


ID 616. Divorced male 60 yrs old. Self employed. good financial situation without children obligations. Seeks intelligent lady from 40 to 55 yrs old for serious relationship and marriage.



ACCOUNT CLOSED               UK-MA-0612-PA Nr.1: Separated male 59 yrs old. Lives permanently in Cyprus, slim,  healthy, no children obligations. Seeks female 50-60 yrs, socially educated to a closed and permanent relationship. To live in Cyprus or else. Contact CLOSED



                ACCOUNT CLOSED

CY-MA-0004 LA #1 Άγαμος 30 χρονών οικονομικά ευκατάστατος ενδιαφέρεται για σύντομη γνωριμία με κοπέλα 20-30 χρονών, με σκοπό τον γάμο. Να είναι λεπτή ψηλή 1.89 + και πρόθυμη να κατοικεί μαζί μου  3 μήνες τον χρόνο στην Ελλάδα Contact  CLOSED



     ACCOUNT CLOSED          

CY-MA-0005 LA #1 Διαζευγμένος  53 χρονών επιχειρηματίας καλής οικονομικής κατάστασης  ενδιαφέρεται για σύντομη γνωριμία με σκοπό τον γάμο με κυρία μέχρι 40 χρονών. θέμα παιδιών θα συζητηθεί  CLOSED


             Bride & Groom CY-MA-0006 LA #1 Άγαμος 46 χρόνων λεπτός ψηλός ανώτερος υπάλληλος, ενδιαφέρεται για γνωριμία γάμου με κοπέλα από 20-30 χρόνων . Διαζευγμένη, χήρα η και παιδιά αποδεκτά.Contact



              Bride & Groom CY-MA 102. Δημόσιος υπάλληλος, άγαμος 38 χρονών. Επιστημονικής μόρφωσης με ψηλή και υπεύθυνη θέση ενδιαφέρεται για σοβαρή γνωριμία γάμου με κοπέλα μορφωμένη λεπτή ευπαρουσίαστη, και κοινωνικά μορφωμένη μέχρι 35 χρονών.ContacCASE CLOSED


               Bride & Groom

CY-MA 103 Καθηγητής 45 χρονών διαζευγμένος, χωρίς υποχρεώσεις παιδιών ενδιαφέρεται για μορφωμένη κυρία, άγαμη διαζευγμένη, χήρα, ευπαρουσίαστη. Για σοβαρή γνωριμία με σκοπό την δημιουργία οικογένειας.    CLOSED







CY 501. Άγαμος 28 χρονών Δημόσιος υπάλληλος, πανεπιστημιακής μόρφωσης, οικονομικά πολύ ευκατάστατος. Ενδιαφέρεται για σοβαρή γνωριμία με κοινωνικά μορφωμένη κοπέλα μέχρι 25 χρονών. Δεν υπάρχει πρόβλημα αν είναι διαζευγμένη η χήρα. Μόνο να μη έχει υποχρεώσεις παιδιών 






CY502. 38 yrs old single male, university education. Is interested in meeting  one Russian young lady up to 35 yrs old for a lasting relationship and marriage. She must be slim, tall well educated and must be willing to live permanently in Cyprus Contact





UK503. Chartered accountant 45 yrs old. Divorced with one son. He lives in UK. Is interested in meeting a Cypriot lady, willing to live permanently in UK London Contact








          GR505 Cypriot 34 yrs old, with own business in Greece seeks to meet slim and well educated Cypriot who is willing to live 6 months in Greece and 6 months in Cyprus. Maximum age 32yrs. Contact





CY-MA-506. I am 35 yrs old, single. I have a good job, I have my own car my own apartment.  The time for me came to make a home. I seek to meet slim educated female interested in a short relationship and  marriage. Must be maximum my age. Because I do not wish to loose my time the following are strict terms: No smoking, No children. Contact




           Bride & Groom

CY-MA-507 Single male company director. Seeks serious young lady max.35 yrs old for serious relationship. Foreigner is accepted on condition that she is willing to live permanently in Cyprus.  CLOSED



          Bride & Groom

CY-MA-508. Divorced businessman 38 yrs old one child. Wants to meet young lady up to 35 yrs. Must be highly educated and be willing to have my child once a week Divorced with children is welcome. Short relationship and marriage.  CLOSED


           Bride & Groom

CY-MA 509. Single male 40 yrs old Chartered accountant  seeks short relationship with lady maximum 36 yrs, single divorced, widowed but now children. Willing to live in Limassol






CY-MA 510 Widower 53 yrs with own business with 2 children is interested to meet divorced or widowed lady, with 2 children also. Short relation and marriage




            Bride & Groom


CY-MA511. I am 67 yrs old, healthy. I am a widower. My children are happily married  and my relations with them are excellent. My pension is more than 1000.00  monthly and I live in my own house I want to meet a kind lady from 50-55 yrs old to be my companion .She must be social and minimum education must be higher   Marriage for me is essential so in case something happens to me, she will collect the pension. Please apply to  CLOSED



            Bride & Groom

MA-LI1071 Είμαι 73 χρονών, λεπτός ψηλός, υγιέστατος, πολύ δραστήριος και κοινωνικότατος. Είμαι διαζευγμένος. Τα παιδία μου είναι παντρεμένα και αποκαταστημένα. Δεν έχουν την δική μου ανάγκη, και τα οικονομικά μου είναι καλά για να μπορώ να ζω άνετα με μια νέα σύντροφο. Τα παιδία  μου αποδέχονται το γεγονός ότι θέλω να βρω μια νέα σύζυγο για να μην είμαι μόνος.  Ενδιαφέρομαι για κύρια από 55 μέχρι 60 χρονών. Προτιμώ να είναι από την Ρωσία Βουλγαρία, Ρουμανία. Να είναι σοβαρή, λεπτή υγιείς και να είναι πρόθυμη να κατοικήσει στην Λεμεσό.   CLOSED Φωτογραφίες)

MA-LI1071 I am 73 years old, divorced. I am  slim tall and perfectly healthy. I am very active and very social. My children are well married and their relationship with me is very good. They agree that I need to find a new wife. I live in my own house and I can afford to make a good living with a new wife  I prefer to meet a lady from Russia, Bulgaria or Roumania. To be honest kind and ready to live in Limassol  Cyprus. CLOSED S (Photos)



             Bride & Groom MA.NI1051. I am 51 yrs old. I live in Nicosia. I am divorced and I have 2 children  12  and 9 yrs old. My children live with their mother but I have them every week end. I wish to meet. a lady max. 46 yrs old,  preferably divorced or widowed with one child. I have my own profitable business and I can offer a very good life. I need love attention, and honesty. Must be christian / nationality does not matter. Contact me:CLOSED


             Bride & Groom

MA-F1152 Single male 33 yrs old . University education, seeks to meet young lady up to 30 yrs old. Must be well educated, good character interested in marriage, willing to have 3 children and must live in  Nicosia.  Only Cypriots  




              Bride & Groom ID782 FR10  Widower British citizen, Cyprus resident 67 yrs old, good financially independent, University standards education, seeks lady between 58-66 for relationship and probably marriage.

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